The Factory: An Art Strip Exhibition

Presented by Razorglam Productions
December 29 – 7:00PM – $15

Razorglam Productions is so excited to present the first burlesque show in their ongoing series at The Barbershop Theater.  The Factory will feature five local talents, exhibiting their best uncensored, avante-garde, neo-burlesque and pole acts. Not only will the performers be exhibiting a prepared act, they will also be asked to present an improvised number to song chosen by the audience! Doors open at 7 so guests can peruse the work of local visual artist and illustrator, Lake Mills.
Featuring performances by:
Abby Costello, Everly Ames, Ozkr Wyld, Patsy Climax, Rose Martel

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box. & Marrow – a two part theatrical event

presented by boxperiodproductions & Resolve Productions
January 10-13 – 7:00PM – $15

Whether we like it not, we are consumed by our connections to cardboard boxes.  As a child, with the delight of life around every corner, the box is the most amazing gift—not the contents, just the box.  As a parent, when the mind and body separate more with each passing year, our possessions (and sometimes our bodies) are stored in boxes for future generations to curse and explore.  As we move through life, physically and emotionally, we rely on boxes to move valuables and store the debris we collect. Are we to be summed up solely by the contents of a cardboard box?  box. unabashedly demands ransoming our lives from the boxes tucked away under the bed, back of the closet, down in the basement, up in the attic and gives voice to the process, often painful, of moving through our lives.


Marrow tracks the hallucinogenic and feverish mind of a physically traumatized dancer who is struggling to make sense of his horrific brutalization.  Previously part of (IM)PULSE, Spectrum Dance produced in Association with Seattle Repertory Theater.

***Box and Marrow will be presented together. Each show runs one hour with a 10 min intermission between the two.***

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The Titan Sits

presented by Hidden Currencies (Duncan Figurski, Michael Matchen, Kai Mote)
January 25 – 7:00PM – $15
January 26 – 2:00PM & 7:00PM – $15

Brooklyn-based art collective Hidden Currencies presents an installation-based communal experience meditating on the Goliath of time between point a and point b.

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Abigail’s Party

presented by Verge Theater Company
February 1-3, 8-10 & 15-17-7:30PM – $15

New neighbors, good music, bad manners, and pineapple. Welcome to 1970’s English suburbia.

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Blue Law Betties, Blue Law Betties and the Vortex Villian, and Blue Law Betties: Revenge of the Underboob

presented by Razorglam Productions
March 1, 8 & 15 – 8:00PM – $15

Blue Law Betties is a serialized burlesque revue that will feature a core cast of characters (along with a few guest stars) and tell their stories.  This immersive burlesque experience will highlight the ups and downs of the “adult only” variety entertainment scene. We’ll tackle everything from dealing with prejudice, censorship, and getting glitter out of your hair. Don’t fret, we won’t just be preaching to the choir.  Every show will be continuing on the story of the previous week, and will feature uncensored burlesque and variety performances from local talent.  

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presented by Laramie Hearn
April 5-7 – 7:30PM – $15

In George Brant’s Grounded, it’s war – by remote control. After an unexpected pregnancy, an Air Force fighter pilot who once proudly patrolled the Middle Eastern skies has now been reassigned to man a remote-controlled drone from a trailer outside of Las Vegas. Grounded is a fast-paced, deeply raw one-woman play that confronts the psychology of modern warfare when the lines between military and motherhood are blurred.

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Ethel Waters – “His Eye is on the Sparrow.”

presented by Kennie Playhouse Theatre
May 3-6, 10-12 & 17-19 – 7:30PM – $15

The story of the legendary blues, jazz and gospel singer.

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Super Fun Party Time

presented by The Barbershop Theater
May 31 – June 16 – 7:00PM – $15

The Barbershop Theater will curate a variety of shorter works in June

Sanden – A New Play

presented by Garden Theatre Company
July 5-7 & 12-14 – 7:30PM – $15

A new play. A new Western. A new heroine. Saddle up.

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Show TBA

presented by Kennie Playhouse Theatre
August 9-11, 16-18 & 23-25 – 7:30PM – $15

TBA Play produced by Kennie Playhouse Theatre

Show TBA

presented by Woven Theatre Company
September & October TBA – $15

Show TBA

presented by Laramie Hearn
November 1-3, 8-10 & 15-17 – 7:30PM – $15


The Merry Wives of Windsor

presented by Garden Theatre Company
December 6-8 & 13-15 – 7:30PM – $15

What better way to celebrate the holidays than smashing the Patriarchy! For Mistresses Page and Ford, Christmastime is exhausting enough without dealing with drunken fondlers and mistrusting husbands – and they are OVER IT. Holiday trickery and woman power abound in this Shakespearean classic you won’t want to miss!

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