You Are What You

presented by Garden Theatre Company
August 9-11 & 16-18 -7:30PM – $15

Competitive eater Francie is desperate to find a way to help her younger sister Trisha eat. When celebrity chef, Electra Sinclair, arrives on their doorstep, she thinks she may have found just the thing to set Trisha on the road to recovery. Yet Trisha’s illness worsen as she begins seeing visions of a talking Pot Roast, and Francie becomes distracted by an ex hell-bent on exploiting her in a cognet work of non-fiction. The sisters struggle to take care of each other and nourish themselves in this comedy about learning from the things we crave.

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The Loom: A New Works Festival

presented by Woven Theatre Company
September 6, 7 & 8 – 6:00PM & 8:00PM

The Loom, a new works festival in which new plays are selected for public staged readings. Plays are carefully considered from submissions, and the selected plays and playwrights are paired with directors that choose casts and set up rehearsals in preparation for the festival.

Initiative by Jacob York

presented by Woven Theatre Company
September 13-16 & 20-22 – 7:30PM – $15

David has cancer. It’s aggressive. And terrifying. 
He looks at his life and all he sees are holes; the moments he won’t be able to have, if this cancer is successful in its malign task. He sees one way out: Dungeons and Dragons. Dave has a circle of friends that still play, and as he thinks back on the moments they’ve experienced in game, he doesn’t remember sitting around a table, rolling dice. He remembers every spell cast, every enemy vanquished, and every cataloged item. So, the new quest: to play through potential “memories” Dave might miss. His three friends, Tyrone, Benny, and Sky, sit down with Dave’s girlfriend, Meg (a gaming newbie) and chart out a path to victory. If all goes well, Dave will experience events as important as the birth of his child and as personal as seeing the ocean for the first time. But. That’s if everything goes well. For, in the game, The Shade lurks…

Tall Tales by A.D. Timms

presented by Woven Theatre Company
October 4-6, 11-13 & 18-20 – 7:30PM – $15

Noah is a fresh college graduate that is forced to return to his hometown in rural Alabama after breaking up with his boyfriend. However, rumors of a murderer near their quiet town sours his reunion with friends, and it doesn’t help that Noah’s first ex-boyfriend, Dustin, has not only returned to church but is now engaged to a woman. As Noah struggles to find his new place in his old world, the murders continue, scandals are brought to light, and tragedy strikes in this slow-burn horror play about being smothered in the Deep South.

Show TBA

presented by Laramie Hearn
November 1-3, 8-10 & 15-17 – 7:30PM – $15


The Merry Wives of Windsor

presented by Garden Theatre Company
December 6-8 & 13-15 – 7:30PM – $15

What better way to celebrate the holidays than smashing the Patriarchy! For Mistresses Page and Ford, Christmastime is exhausting enough without dealing with drunken fondlers and mistrusting husbands – and they are OVER IT. Holiday trickery and woman power abound in this Shakespearean classic you won’t want to miss!

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